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CCV Blog Update June, Week 4
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CCV Blog Update June, Week 4

It's the week four round-up for the month of June's blog topic: Co-Optimus Community Voice, Photograph My Gaming Rig. For the month of June we've just been asking for your photos, not your lengthy thoughts on the screen. Photos of your gaming rig - big, small, intricate or simple. The two we have this week are from staff members, a sleek PC/console office setup and a comfy couch setting where split-screen is king.

 BAPenguin sharing his gaming oasis in a home away from home

So much gaming equipment makes you wonder if any "work" gets done in that office. I guess we know the answer to that, based on how much the site has grown, changed, and been maintained over the years.

 Smurphster shares his cozy, family friendly setup, where he spends his time when he's not watching you

Want to show off your rig? It's simple. Head over to the Blogs and start a new one. Take a photo of your gaming rig, however it may be set up (and don't be shy, we like them all shapes and sizes here) and post. You can explain the photograph if you like with bullet points or paragraphs, or let the photos do the talking for you. Title the blog "CCV: My Gaming Rig" (or some variation, we're not too picky as long as it's got CCV in the title).

Next week I'll round up the last of the rigs and post them on the front page for the weekend, before sharing the next blog topic. Enjoy your gaming!