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Return of the "Choose Your Own Co-Op Classic"!
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Return of the "Choose Your Own Co-Op Classic"!

This past June, we ran our first Choose Your Own Co-Op Classic event.  Co-Optimus readers were presented with three classic co-op games to choose from, and the game with the most votes was featured in Co-Op Classics that week.  The previous contenders were Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Contra, and Bubble Bobble.  It came as no surprise that the NES masterpiece, Contra, won the contest and got it's very own Co-Op Classics feature.  T2: Judgment Day followed, though quite a bit later.  Bubble Bobble hasn't been featured (yet) at all.  This week, three new classics enter the fray, and we'll do it all again!


There will be three choices for this week's Co-Op Classics article, coming your way on Friday.  Just reply to this news article, and post with your vote.  The winner will be the feature for this week!  The losers will go back into the shuffle, perhaps to be used later, perhaps not.  The choices are (insert drum roll here):

Altered Beast

TMNT 4: Turtles in Time

Sunset Riders

This time, the choices are a little bit tougher, I think.  So which is your favorite?  Is it the weredragon action?  The best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game ever?  Or does the call of the Wild West appeal to you the most?

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