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ROCCAT Torch USB Microphone Impressions
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ROCCAT Torch USB Microphone Impressions

Who knew mics needed LEDs

In the age of streaming in Twitch, it's important that you have a good quality microphone to pick up your chat audio. While most headsets these days do come with a solid mic, there's just something to be said about a true condenser microphone. Enter the ROCCAT Torch, a flashy desktop microphone with LED lighting, dual condenser mics, and a few really nice features that should make this a great addition to your streaming setup.

The mic itself sit's a solid base with a few controls for switching pattern, controlling output volume to connected headsets, and adjusting the gain. There's also a little icon on the front that indicates when you are Live or Muted. There's a giant glowing ROCCAT logo on the front and some subtle LED lighting behind the built in pop filter that indicates the volume. 

There are three pickup patterns - Cardioid, Stereo and Whisper. You'll probably want to run the standard cardioid here, but you can here the difference in our example video below. Overall the Torch is a solid boom to my desktop audio quality while streaming, with one minor caveat - it does tend to pickup mouse clicks and such. 

At $99 you're on par with other mics out there, though the ROCCAT does feel a bit more "gamer" thanks to its lighting features. The integration with NEON software doesn't offer much other than customizing said lighting, but it's a microphone - how much configuration is really required? You can hear the difference below and see if the ROCCAT Torch is right for you.