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Deathspank Round 2 Has More Thongs and Virtue
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Deathspank Round 2 Has More Thongs and Virtue

Admit it, you loved Deathspank in spite of its somewhat lacking co-op. The brilliant co-op title really blew us away in terms of humor and gameplay, so we’re excited to hear about a sequel to be released next month. Yep, that was quick.

You see, originally Deathspank was said to be an episodic game something like the Monkey Island series. The first game came out without an episode number, but it looks like the concept is still fully intact. Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue carries on from the original game, but it’s not a DLC expansion.

Instead, you can expect to see another full arcade game featuring the beloved hero Deathspank with a whole new storyline that claims to be “bigger, longer, and harder.” Longer is something we personally enjoy in games that cost us a hefty $15, 1200. Thongs of Virtue will also be replacing the silent co-op character “Sparkles” with a new friend called “Steve.”

Steve is part ninja, and part co-op. Being a ninja we don’t expect many speaking parts, and the co-op may or may not be updated. The reason for the character change likely stems from the shift away from a standard fantasy realm.

For the second game--and this is a reason it was a separate product, too--we just wanted to redefine what that could be. We just wanted to blow people's expectations out of the water as far as what kind of weapons DeathSpank can have, what worlds he can travel to, and what sort of creatures and characters and enemies he can face.

Keep an eye out for more co-op details, hoping for a little more influence from player 2, but we’re not holding our breath just yet.

Source: Gamespot.com