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CCV Blog Update June, Week 1
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CCV Blog Update June, Week 1

Aren't picture-posts a lot of fun? This months blog topic calls for just that - photos, mostly. We want you to take pictures of your gaming rig, whether it's a slick PC setup, or an awesome television/console setup you've got going. Minimalists are invited to join in as well, but the CCV blogger of the week is far from it.

TCleary doesn't have an icon, but: Look at all these consoles and cabinets! This gamer is crazy, and should host a Co-Optimus party sometime.

Ten consoles, Ten cabinets, Ten Xboxes. That's a lot of group gaming, if you ask me. Here's another picture from this post.

Yep, that's a lot of gaming. Check out the post-link above for the rest of the pictures, and to comment on how outrageous this setup is. We love it. Now I want to see the most stylish minimalist setup ever. Maybe a handheld setup, or simply a PS3 and a TV with none of the trimmings. The challenge has been issued.

Have a desire to show off your gaming rig on our front page? It's simple. Head to our Blogs Section with some pictures in mind, and create a new blog post. We even have a place to save your images so you don't have to leave the site to build your blog. Then title the blog "CCV - My Gaming Rig" and save the post. We'll take a look at them and ooh and aah at the tech present, then show you off to the world.

This one is especially easy, since you don't even really have to post words. These images should be worth a thousand of them. Go post, we want to see what you've got.