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Dead Rising Weapon Combo Mechanic Revealed, Listed
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Dead Rising Weapon Combo Mechanic Revealed, Listed

How many people played Dead Rising without taking advantage of the photo opportunities? That's right, no one should have. With a new mechanical character there is an additional way to earn experience in Dead Rising 2 - putting stuff together with your buddies.

MTV Multiplayer blog put together an extensive list of what weapon combinations will be available in the full game at the end of the month. It's really an impressive list of possibilities.

Electric Rake
Battery + Rake
Imagine a rake. Now send millions of volts of electricity through it and then go and poke zombies with it. Sounds like fun, don't it?

Axe + Sledgehammer
Imagine a bat with the head of an axe and the head of a sledgehammer both positioned on the business end. Smacking something with that isn't going to leave much in the way of solids.

Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife
These work like Wolverine's claws, without all the angst about being immortal. Cut zombies to ribbons! Wearing the hidden Blanka mask makes this even more awesome.

Box of Nails + MMA Gloves
They work just like regular ol' MMA gloves (Chuck has surprisingly good Muay Thai moves), but the addition of nails make them something slightly more awesome.

Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
Giant, rotating saws at the end of vacuum cleaner. Handy as it cleans up all the blood while you cut it out of flesh!

Light Sword
Gems + Flashlight
It's basically a light saber, but don't let the lawyers at Lucas Arts known that. Although a bit slow to wield, the light saber deals out tons of damage and can take out a crowd of zombies in a single slice.

Pole Weapon
Push Broom + Machete
A medium-range melee weapon that works a lot like a poleaxe, letting you slice zombies with the machete, taped to the end of the broom.

Computer + Flashlight
This is basically a makeshift Taser which can zap zombies at very close range. Limited battery life means you're only able to zap for so long.

Cement Saw + Saw Blade
A cement saw has a round, plate-like blade at the end, which isn't nearly as devastating as it would be if you added a serrated saw blade. Once you do, the Ripper works like a more maneuverable chainsaw.

Flaming Gloves
Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil
Having knives in your boxing gloves? Cool! Having boxing gloves on fire? Even cooler! Well, hotter. Anyway, you can set zombies ablaze with your flaming boxing gloves, and there's really nothing wrong with that.

Spear + Power Drill
Take an ordinary power drill, but instead of a normal drill bit, stick a 3-foot-long spear into it. Pokey death!

Handy Chipper
Wheelchair + Lawnmower
Most wheelchairs act as a helpful means of conveyance. The Handy Chipper…not so much. Roll this baby around, turning any zombies in your way into mulch.

Leaf Blower + Parasol
This odd, unwieldy weapon has you sticking the bottom of a giant umbrella into a leaf blower, and jamming the other end into an unsuspecting zombie. Umbrella expands and the zombie goes poof.

Pitchfork + Shotgun
If your aim is terrible, you may want to consider the Boomstick. Stab a zombie with the pitchfork to keep them in place, and blast them with the shotgun to, well, not keep them in place.

Pitchfork + Drill Motor
Like a much larger version of the Driller. Imagine a pitchfork spinning at 100 RPM and imagine what sort of damage you could do if you stuck that in someone. Yikes.

Porta Mower
2x4 + Lawnmower
A lawnmower isn't the most portable of items. If only there was another handle so you could hold it out in front of you, blade part pointing straight out at your enemies. Now you can!

Holy Arms
Training Sword + Nails
There's a toy sword and shield set in "Dead Rising 2." They're mostly harmless, but if you jam a dozen nails into each, you suddenly have something that's not quite so harmless.

Paddle Saw
Kayak Paddle + Chainsaw
Remember Donatello's bo staff from "Ninja Turtles"? Well, imagine if there was a running chainsaw at each end. Suddenly Donatello seems a lot less bad ass.

Spiked Bat
Baseball Bat + Nails
Likely the very first combo weapon you make in "Dead Rising 2." Good thing it's super handy! The Spiked Bat acts like a regular bat, but it deals undeath a lot quicker, thanks to its many spikes.

Gem Blower
Gems + Leaf Blower
Pack a leaf blower with valuables and fire gems at zombies like a chaingun. Watch and laugh as they slip, fall and die.

Snowball Cannon
Extinguisher + Super Soaker
A water gun which has been modified to fire blasts of ice, freezing zombies in place. You can then pull a "Demolition Man" and smash them to pieces.

Fire Spitter
Tiki Torch + Light Machine Gun
What's better than a machine gun? A machine gun that lights enemies on fire, perhaps?

Freedom Bear
Giant Teddy Bear + Light Machine Gun
He may look like a cute and cuddly bear, but he's actually an automatic sentry gun. Plop him down and he'll be your buddy, protecting the area and looking adorable.

Gas Can + Super Soaker
It's a flamethrower. How were we ever OK with this not being in the last game?

Rocket Launcher
Pipe + Fireworks
Not quite what you're thinking. A series of pipes fires off the fireworks inside. They aren't super accurate, but they do explode limbs like a charm.

Bow And Arrows + TNT
Inspired by a certain warrior of the 1980s, this will ruin just about any zombie's day.

Power Guitar
Electric Guitar + Amp
Rock out with a power chord to knock all enemies around you on their zombie behinds.

Air Horn
Spray Paint + Traffic Cone
It acts as a really loud horn (so loud that Chuck has to cover one ear when he uses it) that, when used for an extended time against a crowd of zombies, will cause their heads to explode.

Freezer Bomb
Extinguisher + Dynamite
You can spray an extinguisher at a single zombie for a while and he'll freeze in place. Or you could toss a Freezer Bomb into a crowd of zombies and you'll have a lovely still-life to look at. Until you smash them to pieces.

Roaring Thunder
Goblin Mask + Battery
Like the Fountain Lizard, you can slap the Roaring Thunder mask on any random zombie and they'll wander around. In this case it's death by electricity instead of fire, though.

Spear Launcher
Spear + Leaf Blower
Your arm strength is pretty limited in "Dead Rising 2," at least early on. Why not let a leaf blower do the tossing for you? With the Spear Launcher, you can fire spears at long range with ease!

Plate Launcher
Cement Saw + Plates
You know those discs that people use for hunting practice! You know: "Pull!" Same idea, but you're firing plates at zombies with decapitation velocity.

Blazing Aces
Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch
Dip a tennis ball in oil, set it on fire and serve like Pete Sampras. The flaming ball with bounce from zombie to zombie, setting crowds ablaze.

Improvised Explosive Device
Box of Nails + Gas Can
An exploding gas can full of nails is a good thing to toss into a crowd of zombies.

Newspaper + Whiskey
What's a zombie game without a molotov cocktail capable of setting the undead ablaze? A zombie game I don't want to play, natch.

Hail Mary
Football + Grenade
Go long! Longer! Longer! Ok, perfect. Stand there. Kablooie.

Human Hand + Dynamite
Zombies are attracted to human flesh. Use this to your advantage! Toss a human hand with an added bonus into a crowd.

Sticky Bomb
Lawn Dart + Dynamite
Using a lawn dart in "Dead Rising 2" is a blast. You just hold down X in front of a giant crowd of zombies, throwing the dart up in the air. Moments later it'll land smack in the cranium of some poor soul. One dart equals one kill, but add some dynamite and you've got a bigger bang.

Drill Bucket
Bucket + Drill
It's a metal bucket with a few drills taped to the outside, pointing in. Slam it on a zombie's head and the drills will make short work of its melon. Yay!

Fountain Lizard
Lizard Head Mask + Pipe
Toss a Godzilla-looking mask on a zombie and it'll wander around, spewing flames at nearby buddies.

Beer Hat
Bottle of Beer + Hard Hat
Portable heath! Unfortunately if you drink too much you'll start vomiting. Less unfortunate: Zombies can slip on the vomit.

Toy Helicopter + Machete
Zombies are attracted to the noise-making helicopter. Too bad there's a giant, head-cutting blade spinning on the top of it. Set it flying and let it go to work!

Electric Chair
Wheel Chair + Battery
Don't worry, you won't be sitting on it. Mixing a normal wheel chair with a battery lets you push the chair around, zapping zombies as you roll past them. Great for clearing a crowd.

Super Slicer
Servbot Mask + Lawnmower
Unlike most Servbot masks in "Dead Rising 2," you can actually wear this one! It's got a lawnmower blade attached to your head and you can charge at enemies, taking them out with gusto.

Tesla Ball
Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
I'm not quite sure how you pick this up, but it's an electrified ball that zaps any zombies that wander past it. A ball of Death, if you will.

Burning Skull
Bull Skull + Motor Oil
Putting a bull skull on your head and charging around is ok, but it's nothing compared to setting that same skull on fire. Trust me.

Since mechanics like to deal with vehicles on a regular basis, you'll also get to tweak some of those as well. You'll have to unlock the Motorcycle "trailer" in order to get these combos, and they sound pretty outrageous.

Chainsaw Motorcycle
Motorcycle + Chainsaw
A standard motorcycle, with the useful addition of two chainsaw blades acting like wings on either side, slicing anything you drive into.

Machine Gun Motorcycle
Motorcycle + LMG
By sticking a light machine gun on the front of your motorcycle, you're able to clear the road of any potential danger. Bullets are way better than headlights, anyway.

That's a very detailed list of the available weapons. MTV Multiplayer blog also reveals that there are a few they weren't allowed to share with us, so there are still some surprises left to be had. I for one can't wait to sit down with my buddies to start duct taping this stuff together.*

Oh, and for the record, only a few weapon combination work in the prequel game "Case Zero".

*Don't actually try any of these at home. Seriously, we're not responsible for property or personal damages here - do it in the game.