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NVIDIA and ASUS Launch Improved 3D Glasses and Display
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NVIDIA and ASUS Launch Improved 3D Glasses and Display

One problem I've always had with the current generation of active 3D glasses is that they just make the image on the screen appear darker.  Today, NVIDIA has launched their 3D Vision 2 glasses for monitors, projectors and TVs that promise to alleviate that issue while also being a lighter and longer lasting pair of 3D glasses.  The glasses are redesigned to be lighter and made from softer materials so wearing them isn't quite a burden, but the really attractive features of this kit is when you pair it with a new Light Boost capable display.

The first one of these on the market is from ASUS, the ASUS VG278H.  This 27" display has a built in transmitter and comes with a pair of glasses, it comes with the capability to automatically double in brightness when utilizing a 3D mode, thereby negating any darkening issues that normally occur when using 3D.  With an astonishing 50 million to 1 contrast ratio this is one impressive display.  

Obviously with a 27" monitor you'll have plenty of screen real estate for the numerous co-op games of the 550 total 3D enabled games that support the 3D Vision technology.  The 3D Vision 2 kit will retail for $149.99 and come with one pair of glasses the transmitter and all the necessary cables.  Additional pairs of glasses will cost $99.  The ASUS VG278H will retail for $699.99 and come with a pair of glasses.  Both products should be available by the end of October...just in time for Battlefield 3.