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Capcom Arcade Cabinet to Fill XBLA and PSN with Retro Co-Op
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Capcom Arcade Cabinet to Fill XBLA and PSN with Retro Co-Op

Classic co-op? Count me in!

Microsoft's Game Room service for Xbox 360 and PC showed a ton of potential. Gamers could purchase individual arcade and console games from within a snazzy client and play them via the magic of legal emulation. Sadly, most of the games were just plain old as opposed to classics, and Microsoft stopped releasing games just as things were starting to pick up. Conspicuously absent were Capcom's phenomenal arcade games... But now Capcom's set to launch its own emulation client, Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection.

1943: The Battle of Midway smallWe don't know many of the games that Capcom Arcade Cabinet will offer yet, but a few confirmed titles include Black Tiger, Avengers, and co-op shoot-em-up 1943 (pictured at right) - all three of which will have game-specific Achievements. The focus appears to be on Capcom's 1980s output, so later classics like Alien vs. Predator and Willow sadly won't make the cut. Then again, they could always keep releasing titles for it indefinitely, unlikely as that is, and work their way into the nineties.

Capcom's Arcade Cabinet will include one free game, with the rest purchasable on demand. Enhancements include game-specific options (DIP switch settings?) and a gallery filled with unlockables. The collection will definitely be coming to XBLA and PSN, but the site that first discovered the game mentions the Wii U as well. Full details including game titles and pricing will be announced on February 7th, so stay tuned!

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Tiny Box

Source: Polygon.com