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Duke Nukem Forever Playable Demo Available Via Borderlands GOTY Edition
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Duke Nukem Forever Playable Demo Available Via Borderlands GOTY Edition

You may have heard that the Borderlands Game of the Year edition comes out on October 12th.  What you might not know is that when you purchase this game, you are getting a membership to the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club.  Now what is the DNFFAC?  It's your ticket to be one of the first gamers to play the demo of one of the most anticipated games in the past decade.

Inside each copy of Borderlands GOTY edition is a free First Access Club membership certificate.

This certificate entitles owners who register their unique key to a wealth of goodies, including early access to a sneak peek of the legendary, long-awaited video game - Duke Nukem Forever

 Entry into this exclusive club will provide fans with the earliest possible admittance to the Duke Nukem Forever playable demo and more. When the demo releases prior to the retail launch of the game, this select group of First Access Club members will be the first to play it and experience the life of the King of All Shooters. Hail to the King, baby!

Hail to the King, indeed.  We recently brought you video of the DNF playable demo in action.  There is no word yet on co-op, but being a Gearbox game, our hopes are high. 

As for the Borderlands GOTY package itself, all sorts of co-operative goodness abounds.  The package will include codes for all four DLCs: The Zombie Island or Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome RiotThe Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and the latest: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.

Duke Nukem Forever is expected to release next year on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC.  With the way Gearbox cranks out content we can only hope that the demo is available ASAP.

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