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GameDaily HUD - Week 4
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GameDaily HUD - Week 4

Wow!  We are already upon week 4 of the HUD (I know I missed 3, I was at PAX - sue me), and the questions just keep getting better and better.  What's on tap this week?

  1. What are you playing this week?
  2. There are major games being released essentially from this week until the end of November. Which week are you most looking forward to?
  3. Rumors: Gearbox to make Halo 4, Kojima to come back to Metal Gear. Shouldn't we let these franchises rest in peace already?
  4. Stardock introduced a 10-item Gamer's Bill of Rights at PAX, which outlines - among other things - rights to return broken PC games for a full refund, to expect games will not install harmful software without their consent, and expect adequate minimum requirement descriptions. Is this something more PC developers need to adopt, in light of recent events such as the Mass Effect mandatory activations and the Bioshock rootkit mishaps? Or is Stardock blowing the problem out of proportion?

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