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Duke Nukem Forever Demo Keys Available with Older Borderlands Steam Purchase
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Duke Nukem Forever Demo Keys Available with Older Borderlands Steam Purchase

You may be looking at that headline and thinking to yourself, "Didn't I just read an awesome article titled: Duke Nukem Forever Playable Demo Available Via Borderlands GOTY Edition about a week and a half ago?"  You would be right.  You may also notice some differences in the title of this awesome article.   It seems that Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club passes are showing up on Steam accounts for those of you who bought  Borderlands before the GOTY edition was available.

Steam users who bought plain old Borderlands before October 12th can see if they have the access code.  This means that the First Access Club, which was previously thought to only be available with a Borderlands Game of the Year Edition purchase is now available to anyone who bought the regular version on Steam at an earlier date.

To check and see if you have a key, find Borderlands in your Steam Library and click the "CD Key" link in the game pane. If you've got the key, it should show up as "Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Code".

For those of you who don't know, the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club will give players a chance to play the DNF demo before anyone else.  If you have the CD Key you can redeem it here, along with seeing a picture of Duke that shows how well he has matured during his 12 years in absentia.  Yes, this is another example of how much cooler Steam is than other forms of buying games, but at least I can take my physical discs and use them as coasters.  Can you do that, digital media?  I think not.