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Beyond Co-Op, October 24th to October 30th
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Beyond Co-Op, October 24th to October 30th

Welcome to Beyond Co-Op, a weekly piece that talks about industry stories that may or may not be related to co-op gaming.

The stories for this week:

- Keiji Inafune Leaves Capcom
- No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise PS3 Only w/Move Support in NA
- Playstation Phone Prototype Emerges, is it the PSP2?
- Sony Drops Price of PSP Go
- Another Big Week in Releases

Keiji Inafune Leaves Capcom

Not sure if this is such a big surprise or not given Inafune’s recent quotes talking about Japanese developers being 5 years behind Western developers. The man has certainly left a legacy at Capcom though. The creator of Mega Man and the head of many of Capcom’s standout games (Resident Evil 2, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, the Onimusha series, etc.) he had recently been put on as Capcom’s Global Head of Production with him overseeing all gaming development.

No details were given as to him wanting to leave, which is effective this Sunday. Word is he is not taking any time off, so chances are he may have been offered a job elsewhere or he already has plans ongoing. It will be interesting to see where he lands.

Source: Colony of Gamers

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise PS3 Only w/Move Support in NA

I’m a big fan of No More Heroes, although I have yet to play the second game. In a surprise announcement, the remaking of the original game will be coming out on the Playstation 3 only here in North America. It will also include Move support, so get ready for those odd times when someone walks into the room as you are charging up the light swords while doing almost masturbatory movements with the Move wand. The game truly is great and if you didn’t play it on the Wii be sure to pick it up when it releases on PS3 in early 2011.

Source: Colony of Gamers

Playstation Phone Prototype Emerges, is it the PSP2?

One of the bigger leaks this week was a picture of a Playstation Phone by Engadget. We don’t know much about it, but I wonder if this isn’t the PSP2 at least in a prototype phase (there’s no analog sticks that I see for instance in the picture). Will be interesting to see if Sony gives any information out on this now that it has been leaked. What kind of PS games will it play?

Source: Colony of Gamers

Sony Drops Price of PSP Go

All I can say is about time, especially for a system that can’t even play one of the newer and better games out there for it: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I think the Go’s technology is innovative with the pure downloading instead of the UMD drive present, but I think it may be a bit early to the party. They dropped the price to $199 which is still $20 more expensive than the UMD-equipped PSP 3000. Maybe this will spur some sales for Sony, but I’d say they need to drop it even more if they’re still looking for market penetration at this point.

Source: Colony of Gamers

Another Big Week in Releases

The 360 Kinect finally comes out this week with a number of games in tow: Joy Ride, Kinectimals, Harmonix’s Dance Central, Ubisoft’s Fighters Uncaged and Sega’s Sonic: Free Riders just to name a few. Although I’d love to pick the system up, I don’t think I have 8 feet of distance between the wall and me in the living room and certainly not the office where I usually play. Also don’t have the hundreds to blow on the system either unfortunately.

In the gaming arena Activision is bringing out two James Bond games. The first one, on Wii only, is the remaking of Goldeneye 007. This time current Bond Daniel Craig is put in the place of Pierce Brosnan and hopefully this game stays as close to the chest with the original N64 game as possible. The second game is an original one in James Bond: Blood Stone. Also starring Daniel Craig and other Bond characters, this game is being developed by Bizarre Creations, moving away from their pure driving experience with Project Gotham Racing and Blur. Should be interesting to see if this game pans out.

Sony, not wanting to be left out in the cold, brings out the PSP only God of War: Ghosts of Sparta. I’ve heard it is very good and possibly the best PSP game yet and a game that may be even better than the recently released PS3’s God of War III. Busy week and then next week the 800 pound gorilla drops with the next Call of Duty game coming out. Will it sell as well as the last one?

Source: me