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Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator Brings Geeks Together In a New Frontier
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Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator Brings Geeks Together In a New Frontier

Prepare to set up your LAN party computers in a way that reflects your favorite starship from your favorite sci-fi series as Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator allows players to perform functions of a Spaceship Bridge. Sure, it doesn't have the Star Trek name to it, but it certainly feels similar as your team performs critical functions to bring your Spaceship full circle with the crew intact.

Artemis is designed to be played in the same room across networked computers, with one serving as the main screen and the others being terminals for functions like Helm, Communication, Engineering and Weapon Control. Naturally, there's a captain whose job is to sit in the middle and command, doubtless also quoting their favorite Star Trek captain.

Not sold on the concept of Artemis? Don't worry, you can download the demo for free from FileShack. If you're not big on installing Demos and think you'll love Artemis, the $60 full version price tag comes with a full money-back guarantee. If you're not Jean Luc Picard by the time you set up your crew, you get your money back. Okay, so you won't actually be that cool, but you should certainly feel immersed in your crews co-op world after playing Artemis. I don't know about you, but it seems to me this is the perfect game for college people looking to procrastinate on their real school work. Engage.

Source: Shacknews.com