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MMO CO-Opportunities Volume XLVII: A Smorgasbord!
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MMO CO-Opportunities Volume XLVII: A Smorgasbord!

Anniversaries, expansions, major updates/changes - a bit of everything

This month for MMO Co-Opportunities, we have a smorgasbord of news, updates, and announcements for several currently released MMOs. Besides the fact that they’re all already out, there’s not really a common thread between them! So let’s jump right in.

13 Years of Dark Age of Camelot
Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) is celebrating its 13th anniversary this month. As such, former players of the game are welcome back this month for 13 free days of playtime. Newer features of the game include RvR updates to the New Frontiers, Keep Lighting upgrades, the revamped Darkness Falls RvR dungeon, and an extended Champion Level cap of 15. There’s also some special anniversary incentives for former players: a 13th anniversary veteran award (veteran awards are only rewarded in October of every year) and a month-long RvR tournament.

Mythic has provided a helpful set of videos to aid returning players in things such as account recovery, updates to payment method, and archived character transfers. If you’re a former player and are interesting jumping back into DAoC to see what’s changed, a free 13 days is certainly a great way to do it. You can check out the details on their website.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Announces Shadow of Revan Expansion
For those of us who played and loved Knights of the Old Republic, it’s hard suppress a wriggle of excitement at the mention of an expansion for Star Wars: the Old Republic that focuses on the character Revan. This month, Bioware announced their second digital expansion to SWTOR, entitled the Shadow of Revan. The expansion will run players $20 and will include an increased level cap to level 60, two new Flashpoints, two new Hard Mode Flashpoints, and two new level 60 Operations. It will also include an overhaul of the class system (which will change for all players of the game, not just expansion players). The new Discipline system will abandon Skill Trees in favor of Disciplines, which will hopefully result in a more intuitive, role-oriented system.

As is the norm with many digital expansion to MMOs, there are some pre-order incentives for players who already know they’ll be purchasing it. The most interesting perk is a full week of early access to the expansion starting December 2nd for players who pre-order before November 2nd. Another thing to note is that if one buys the Shadow of Revan expansion, the first expansion (Rise of the Hutt Cartel) will immediately be unlocked for that player’s account. You can check out the teaser trailer for the Shadow of Revan below: