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'Deluge' DLC Coming to Crackdown 2
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'Deluge' DLC Coming to Crackdown 2

A bridge too far

Is your copy of Crackdown 2 gathering dust?  How about an action packed DLC injection that might just bring you back to the troubled cobbles of Pacific City?  The unpleasantly named DLC pack, 'Deluge', is planned for a November 16th release and comes with plenty of extra entertainment for the reasonable price of 560 MSPs.  The best news for co-op fans is the new Horde style mode that pits you and up to three other agents against waves of increasingly difficult enemies.  So far, so Gears of Wars 2, but with 4 pumped up agents jumping around with rockets, its bound to be insane fun.  Should we place bets on friendly fire killing more agents than Freaks?

Alongside this new co-op friendly gametype is a capture the orb mode for versus, and rumored improvements to armory and vehicles.  Finally, the new 'Deluge' DLC will link to the Windows Phone 7 game Crackdown: Project Sunburst.  You should be able to literally call in a helicopter strike from your phone!  Now if I only actually owned a compatible device ...

If you are finding it hard to imagine the mayhem that may incur with a Crackdown 2 style Firefight mode, then check out the video after Read More.