Gears of War 2

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This Week In Co-Op: Gears of War 2 Quiz
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This Week In Co-Op: Gears of War 2 Quiz

This past weekend was a 31 times XP modifier for Gears of War 2.  Tally and Marc, determined to get in on the mega-leveling action, logged in only to discover the weekend actually ended on Sunday, not Monday, as previously expected.  Undaunted, they played Horde mode, assisted by Marc's youngest son, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time on the Normal mode of the Day One map.  Instead of a detailed report, Tally and Marc teamed up in true co-op fashion to bring you the Official Co-Optimus Gears of War Co-Op Quiz.  So grab a pencil, put all four legs of your chair on the floor,  and keep your eyes on your own paper.

1.  An effective way with dealing with a ticker is:

a) Shooting it at long range
b) Hiding from it and hoping it'll go away
c) Throw a grenade and pray
d) Stomping on it when it gets close

2.  Which of these habits are generally frowned upon in Horde Mode?

a) Hogging the ammo caches then using said ammo to shoot your teammates
b) Running to the other side of the map where you're promptly defeated, then screaming for your teammates to come get you before you bleed out
c) Bragging about how many kills you got compared to your teammates (especially the guy at the bottom - what a dead weight!)
d) Pff, I don't know what you're talking about - these are all pro strats!
e) Dear lord, all of them - stay out of my game!

3.  Which of these should you avoid shooting?

a) Sniper
b) Boomer
c) Grenadier
d) Drone
e) "Avoid shooting"?! Kill 'em all!

4.  At what wave interval does the horde, as a whole, get stronger?

a) Every wave - this crap is REAL
b) Every 5 waves - just when you're starting to get used to things, it gets all switched up!
c) Every 10 waves - to keep you on our toes
d) The horde gets tougher? Really? I didn't even notice...

5.  You've been camping upstairs for most of the round, and there's a few enemies left, but you don't know where they are. Are they...

a) In the room below you... you have the stomped face from your scout mission down there to prove it
b) Holed up in a strange corner of the map, doing god-knows-what
c) Whaling on your teammate who wasn't paying attention and got separated from the group
d) ...Invisible? Seriously, where are they?

6.  The Golden Lancer is the weapon of choice for bling-crazed cogs.  How often should you make a "Goldmember" joke to your shiny-challenged friends?

a) Waves that are prime numbers
b) Waves that are odd numbers
c) Waves that are numbers
d) Huh huh. You said "Goldmember".

7.  Feeling confident, you leave the safety of your friend's camp behind the second story ledges in Day One, and are promptly assassinated before you can even fire off a shot.  What would cause you to be so distracted?

a) Looking for ammunition and weapons
b) Checking your progress in Gears 2's achievements
c) Running to the bathroom/refrigerator
d) Trying to figure out what classic games the blurry arcade screens are supposed to be

8.  The question is asked during a lull in the Horde mode action: "What is XP for, and what good is it, anyway?"  Rolling your eyes, you let the n00b know what's up.

a) Polda dot and/or plaid Lancers at high levels
b) It's like a bread crumb trail of Gamerscore
c) Getting to level 100 will "mean something" in Gears 3 according to Epic
d) Not really much at all, to be honest.


We hope you enjoyed our Quiz as much as we enjoyed taking down the Locust in Horde mode!