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Games for Windows Marketplace Relaunches
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Games for Windows Marketplace Relaunches

Microsoft have relaunched their Games for Windows Marketplace, taking the service away from a stand alone program into a browser based version of the online store.  The new page not only allows you to browse the entire Games for Windows catalog to download on demand title, but the homepage showcases the latest deals and exclusives to the service.  For instance, right now you can snag Borderlands for only $9.99 on the service.

It's unclear if Microsoft can compete with the juggernaut that is Steam.  Many of the prices of the titles available are above the retail prices you'd find at sites like Amazon

The service still could use some tweaks as well - while it's easy to find stuff like new releases or Live enabled titles, if you want to search or sort by a specific option...like say...co-op games - you won't be able to find that.  Luckily, we have you covered there.  

Source: Gamesforwindows.com