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Steam Offering Co-Op Friendly Gift Pack Sales
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Steam Offering Co-Op Friendly Gift Pack Sales

Steam is offering two promotions starting this week - one for you and one for your friends.  The first promotion is simple - just add 10 games to your wish list and you'll automatically be entered to win your entire wish list as one of 30 winners every day.  Sounds pretty simple!

The second promotion is what Steam is calling "Gift Pack" deals.  These deals offer multiple copies of a game for an extreme discount.  For instance, right now you can purchase 6 copies of Left 4 Dead 2 for $24.99 - bringing the game to just over $4 a copy.  What better way to get yourself some co-op partners than to buy them the game!  The deals are rotating everyday - so be sure to check Steam out to see if there's a bundle of games you'll want to snag.  

There's some other Steam related deals as well going on, including Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days for $5 and Deathspank for $10.  

Source: Store.steampowered.com