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PSA - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Gone After December
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PSA - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Gone After December

It was July that we saw the return of the DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 after it has mysteriously disappeared earlier in the year.  It was also at that time we told you the content would disappear forever come the end of the year.  Activision's marketing guru Dan Amrich reminds us of this in the latest post on his blog.

Until December 31, 2010, you can still download the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Character & Sim Mission Pack with its five extra characters, and you can finally earn all the Achievements/trophies that go with it. It’s $9.99 for PS3 players and 800 Microsoft Points for 360 owners. Additionally, Juggernaut is available as a separate downloadable character — he’s apparently too big to fit in the digital download wrapper with all the other guys — for $1.99 or 160 MS Points.   After December 31, it’s gone for good. For my sake if not for your own, do not delay, dammit.

He goes on to remind us that it might be a good time to download the free version of the content, you know, so you can play co-op with someone that has it, just in case.  So yeah...if you plan on ever picking the game up, or haven't done so already, now's a good time to get your characters like Cable, Juggernaut, and Magneto.