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GameDaily HUD - Week 5
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GameDaily HUD - Week 5

The next week of the HUD is upon us, and this time the folks at AOL have something new up their sleeve.  Not only is the first question different, but there's a special guest writer!  Trina from guests this week along with the 9 other sexy jouranlists. 

This week's questions are:

  1. Show us your Spore Creature (mine rocks!)
  2. Spore also launched on the iPhone this week -- how important are mobile games in general?
  3. School's in session again -- did you ever learn how to balance gaming and studying? Or were you one of those non-gaming cool kids?
  4. So apparently, the Xbox 360 failure rate was up to 68%. Is that really acceptable? How many times (if any... you lucky SOB) did yours fail?

So be sure to check out the GameDaily HUD this week and every week featuring yours truly as one of the panelists.