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Our Weekend in Gaming - Black Friday Edition
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Our Weekend in Gaming - Black Friday Edition

The world is set ablaze with holiday shopping fever.  Black Friday, known for its 3AM store openings and crazy deals on everything from electronics to coffee makers, is set upon us filling our gaming coffers ever more full of more gaming goodness.  Amazon was particularly harmful today with many new releases available for under $30.  Even without these new titles there's plenty of stuff to play, keeping the staff busy.

Nick "bapenguin" Puleo - "I'd like to finish up Enslaved and maybe try to tackle some Black Ops.  And guess what?  Still trying to finish Star Craft II!"

Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis - "I'll be wrapping up the last few achievements in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and attempting to make good on my promise to work on finishing Red Dead Redemption sometime before the heat death of the universe."

Katrina "ShadokatRegn" Pawlowski - "I've invested a bit of time in the first Saw game, and I hope to finish up Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on this extended holiday."

Sam "Samoza" Tyler - "Off to see a friend for the weekend so time for some couch co-op.  No doubt we will be working together to bring the Champions League title to the current beleaguered Liverpool squad!"

Andrew "Cubninja" Gaskill - " I actuallly picked up a copy of Splatterhouse, which is better than
it should be.  When the blood and gore get to comic levels I'll take a  break with some CoD:BO or Fable III."

Tally "xelissa" Callahan - "Busy weekend with family visiting and the end of the semester creeping up, but hopefully I'll find some time to play Fable III and finish up Prince of Persia: the Forgotten Sands."

Jim "txshurricane" McLaughlin - "I've already played my share of Black Ops, but I might find time to jump on again. I'm also still enjoying Apache: Air Assault."

What are your gaming plans?