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Co-Optimus Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up
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Co-Optimus Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

While the holidays are wrapping up for some, they are just beginning for others.  If you still have folks you need buy presents for, Co-Optimus has your back with a few gift ideas in a variety of ways.  Not only do we have our holiday gift guides for co-op gamers, but we have some other exclusive merchandise that can make your family or friends feel truly special.  

Here's what you missed:

Xbox 360 Co-Op Gift Guide
PlayStation 3 and PSP Co-Op Gift Guide

Nintendo Wii and DS Co-Op Gift Guide

PC Co-Op Gift Guide

If none of those are your cup of tea, perhaps your secret Santa would instead like a shiny new t-shirt to keep his or herself in style?  

Finally, if none of that seems like the perfect gift - we suggest an Amazon Gift Card, so that they may find their own perfect gift.

Remember, all of the above links and articles help support Co-Optimus, so clicking and using them is like giving a gift to your favorite site.  Happy Holidays!