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Fable 3: Three Breeds for Three Bucks, Yule Hats Free
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Fable 3: Three Breeds for Three Bucks, Yule Hats Free

I was playing the new Superhero Squad game with my son last night, and noticed that there was already DLC available for the relatively new release.  Said DLC consisted of a trio of playable characters: Captain America, Bucky, and the Red Skull.  My initial reactions were "What?  No Cap in the main game?  Outrageous!" followed by "240 MS points for that?  A dollar a character?  Seems pretty steep for a kiddie game to me."

Imagine my reaction when the latest DLC for Fable 3 was announced.  For the same price ($3), you can.. change the breed of your dog to one of three fine choices: poodle, doberman, or alsatian.  I'm thinking Captain America owns a poodle any day, in pretty much any contest you can imagine, especially "DLC value per dollar".  I think a better deal might be the free Yule Hat now available for Fable 3.  You know, a Santa hat would totally match Cap's costume.  I'm calling Marvel right now...

Source: Eurogamer.net

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