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Epic Games Explains Why Gears of War News Missed the VGA's
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Epic Games Explains Why Gears of War News Missed the VGA's

It would appear Epic games is just waiting for the right moment to let fly some great news about an upcoming Kinect enabled Gears game, and other Gears of War 3 info. The most recent change of plans took the Gears team away from the Spike VGA's at the last minute. Cliff Bleszinski took a minute out of his busy Gears planning to explain just what the hold-up was.

It turns out this whole game development thing has a bit of a game element just in the presentation. Epic Games Cliff Bleskinski explains the process involved in even announcing certain things.

There's a lot of strategizing going on and at any point something may shift due to a strategic move that needs to happen. So I came out here potentially announcing something.

It turns out the timing's not right.

All hope is not lost though. Gamers just have to be patient as nothing has been canceled permanently, merely delayed until the moment is right. As of right now we have no idea what this Kinect announcement entails, but we're really hoping for some co-op capabilities.