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Darker, Emo "Diablo 3" Video Now Available
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Darker, Emo "Diablo 3" Video Now Available

Sometimes, I love the internet, especially when it shows that real life is so much stranger than fiction.  You may recall all the hullabaloo over the art direction in Diablo 3, particularly the brighter colors and even (the horror!) rainbows.  It appears some fans like their Diablo dark and dingy, thank you very much.  We poked fun at this phenomenon here, and the art director of Diablo 3 responded to some fan altered photoshops here.  Now, the madness has been taken to the next logical level.

One of the infamous Diablo 3 videos has been entirely altered, using the much darker muted color scheme these rabid fans prefer.  Yes, and entire, 12 minute video has been painstakingly changed frame by frame.  I've been trying to think what kind of nutjob the author is.  First of all, how much free time does this person have?  Secondly, what's their life like?  Is their existence is so gloomy and devoid of enjoyment that seeing actual colors and rainbows reminds them of that scary place beyond the front door (AKA outside)?  In any event, you can check the video out here, at Shacknews.  You may want to dye your hair jet black and play some My Chemical Romance first, though.