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CCV Blogs - February Week 1
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CCV Blogs - February Week 1

It's looking like we've got a room full of slackers for the first week of this month, as only one of you brave community members was up to the task of creating an awesome Backlog blog. It's really easy - just head over to our Blogs and write one. We're not too picky on content as long as it stays somewhat on topic. Speaking of, I know a lot of us have this topic on our mind: Co-optimus Community Voice: My Backlog, Let Me Show You It.

Anything from last year or before you've been playing. A list of "goals" of game completions this year. Or maybe something you've wanted to play for ages but haven't had the opportunity to. We want to know what the community voice has to say.

MrMcJerk Has a Backlog of co-op titles to share. His blog covers quite a few backoff games in list-form, each with humorous details written for each one.

Christmas 2010 was a great year for me. It heralded the first anniversary of me owning a next-gen system with superior online capabilities, as well as offering a wealth of titles. I snagged 6 games I was absolutely smitten with, thus extending my poor back catalog even more. And some of those 6 I'm still working on! So what's in my backlog, you ask? Well, intrepid reader, here is a handy list!

You have the rest of February to blog on the topic. We want to read and share it with the world.