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Corrupted: Xbox LIVE Indie Done Right
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Corrupted: Xbox LIVE Indie Done Right

Joystiq.com has found a real treasure in the zombie/ninja/baby-maker quagmire that is Xbox LIVE's Indie Games library.  The game is titled Corrupted, and supports four player local co-op.  Corrupted charges you and three friends with capturing princesses.  You're play as the bad guy.  Well, a pawn of the real bad guy. More than just a twin-stick-shooter affair, you can upgrade and customize your character as you progress through the game.  Stat categories include Damage, Blocking, Combos, and Range.  As you fill up your Corruption meter you can dish out special moves against hordes of enemies.

The game costs 240 Microsoft Points, which is three times the normal 80 point amount.  It's also only 3 dollars in real money.  Give the free trial a whirl.  The full game is available now.  You can read on to check out the trailer from developer Only Luck Interactive.  Warning!  The music is simultaneously awful and awesome.

Source: Joystiq.com