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Announcing Co-Optimus Achievements, Revamped Profiles and Improved Player Matching
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Announcing Co-Optimus Achievements, Revamped Profiles and Improved Player Matching

Today we're proud to announce some new site features and improvements for Co-Optimus.  These improvements aren't merely just cosmetic, they will hopefully be fun and useful to our awesome community of co-op gamers.  So lets take a look at what we've added.



Achievements you say?  On a website?  Sure...why not?!?  We've gone ahead and added our first batch of achievements to the site.  These badges show off just how active you are in the community and give you tiny goals to shoot for.  We have achievements in every category like comments on news, forum post counts, adding games, creating user blogs - and even some secret ones we won't quite give away yet.

Every few months we'll be adding more and more achievements to the mix - so keep an eye out.  Further more, periodically we'll be running contests based on achievements as well, so you might have a chance to win some cool stuff!


User Profiles

Our user profile pages have also gotten a huge facelift, not only sporting spaces for all your achievements, but also adding new features like displaying your twitter status, easier reading and access to your gamertags on PC, 360, PS3 and Wii, and much more. 

You can access your user profile just by clicking the "Profile" link on the top right of any page next to your name.  You can access anyone else's user profile just by clicking on their name in the comments section of an article or following a link from our matching service.

When you earn an achievement, you'll know it, as a little pop-up will trigger in the bottom right corner of your screen.  So be on the lookout for these!


Improved User Matching

One feature we've always had on Co-Optimus is the ability to be matched up to other co-op  gamers like you.  Problem was it wasn't always reliable and it was a bit slow.  We've improved our search algorithms for speed and added a few features to this.  To start a search simply hit up your profile page and click the "Find Matches" button under the Co-Op Gamers Like Me heading.

Once you find your list of matches you can compare the games you own to see if there might be some other co-op games you'd like to try.  You can also easily send the user a private message and ask them to start a co-op session of games you have in common.


Improved Partner Finding

Another feature we've always had is the ability to find other Co-Optimus members who own the same game as you.  Simply add games to list, and click the "Meet Others" button next to the game you want to find other co-op players in.


From there it's easy to send a PM to that user just by clicking the "Contact" button.



There's a few more changes we've made under the hood of the site as well and in the coming months we have a few more exciting improvements and revamps.  We also still plan on launching our mobile version of the site sometime in the first half of this year along with Android, Windows Phone 7 and hopefully iPhone applications.  If all goes according to plan these apps will tie in with our new profile system as well!

Thanks for visiting Co-Optimus and making it your Prime Source for Co-Op Gaming!