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Paradox Planing a Magicka "Surprise" For GDC
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Paradox Planing a Magicka "Surprise" For GDC

Paradox Interactive, publishers of recent co-op hit game Magicka, have just announced their lineup for the Game Developers Conference which takes place February 28th through March 4th in San Francisco.  Among the list of game's they plan on showing is something new for Magicka, a game simply titled Magicka "Surprise"

...So what is the Magicka surprise? We won´t say until GDC. But here is a clue – it is not what you think it is.

We think it's a rainbow colored pony that poops pickles.  So I guess its not that.  Perhaps an expansion pack?  Any guesses?  Whatever it is, it'll be on display at GDC and we'll be sure to bring you the details.