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APOX on Thee - Survival Mode For All!
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APOX on Thee - Survival Mode For All!

Indie strategy game APOX just released a few short weeks ago, boasting impressive 16-player comp-stomp on the co-op side of things along with single-player and competitive multi-player options as well. Now players will have another co-op option for the game as a survival mode was added just last week. Available in both single-player and co-op, players will have to defend their base for a whole 25 minutes as relentless waves of enemies swarm in. Players can enjoy this mode on not one, not two, but SIX new maps. Pretty nice for a free game update.

Other sundry things have been added or tweaked in the update as well. For the full notes, read on.



  • Added Clan support
  • SURVIVAL MODE: Six New maps added using a game mode called "Survivor Mode". This is a single player or co-op mode game. The objective for this type of game is to survive for 25 minutes as large waves of bot controlled units swarm your base
  • Body Armor Upgrade. Place a metal drop in your barracks and body armor is automatically produced. Body armor is droppable. Body armor has a condition, can be auto-repaired at the mechanic or will eventually break. Body armor would provide protection against bullet weapons and grenades, and some (less) protection against flame
  • Automatic weapon repairing at the mechanic
  • Metal drops increase resource production for refinery, gas station, salvage yard, and ammo factory. Store metal in the structure for a 20% bonus
  • Grenade order UI shown even if groups are selected
  • Cooldown timer for tossing grenades (2.5 seconds).
  • Several AI bug fixes and crash fixes
  • Newcomers allowed to play against easy bots and earn APOX credits
  • Unlocking of some existing maps
  • Mission polish
  • More achievements implemented

Source: Store.steampowered.com