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Rock Band 2

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Rock Band 2 Co-Op Night a Success - Winners
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Rock Band 2 Co-Op Night a Success - Winners

Well another Co-Op Night has come and gone, and this one was a total success.  Rock Band 2 works incredibly well online, and it was a piece of cake to get 4 players in on the musical action.  Our band, Billy and the Bots toured the country picking up a rickety old van, and hiring some staff including our mom and some creepy kid.  A lot of the staff even got to play together including Loren, Marc and myself - and my wife even joined in on the action picking up the vocals.  The ability to mix local playsers and online players seemlessly is a great feature, and Harmonix should be applauded for that!

Finally, we promised you we are giving away some swag and we've chosen three winners!  Here are their respective Gamertags:


Congrats to everyone!  I look forward to seeing everyone next month for the next Co-Op Night on XBox Live which will be announced soon!