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Brink Community Event is Tomorrow Night in Boston
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Brink Community Event is Tomorrow Night in Boston

Perhaps you didn't get into PAX East because it was sold out.  That's ok, there's still a chance to participate in some gaming goodness if you happen to be in Boston this Friday, March 11th from 8 to 11 PM.  Taking place at the "Black Falcon Terminal," the team from Splash Damage and Bethesda are hosting a community event for the 8 player co-op shooter, Brink.

Apparently everyone is invited - but space is limited - so Bethesda recommends getting there early.  The event promises free food, beverage, and hands on time with Brink.  Sounds like a good time - lets just hope they don't lock us into any shipping containers.  And don't forget, we've got some hands on impressions with the game right here.


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