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Brink Trailer Highlights Character Abilities, Achievements Unveiled Too
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Brink Trailer Highlights Character Abilities, Achievements Unveiled Too

We've got a fresh new trailer for the upcoming 8 player co-op game Brink, developed by Splash Damage.  The trailer focuses on your persistent character's unlockable abilities.  In addition to the trailer we've gotten a glimpse at the game's achievements and trophies.

As you progress through Brink and earn experience you'll be able to unlock different unique abilities to customize your character.  Perhaps you want your medic to be able to revive himself, or your soldier to carry a sticky bomb, or your engineer to be able to deploy a Gatling turret.  There's a whole range of unlockables for each class, and from what we can tell in the video, there's almost a dozen abilities for each class as well as generic abilities for all classes.   

On the achievement and trophy front, it doesn't look like there are any co-op specific ones in Brink, since the entire game is virtually the same whether you play single player, co-op, or versus - we're gonna say these are all earnable in co-op.  We won't spoil them for you, but you can view the full list on the Bethesda Blog.  Props go to the team for numerous movie references including Lord of the Rings, Big Trouble in Little China, Army of Darkness and many more for the names and descriptions of the achievements and trophies.

Brink is out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in May.

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