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Co-Optimus Community Voice March Week 2.5
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Co-Optimus Community Voice March Week 2.5

It's time once again to visit the community blogs for our weekend, this time analyzing The Hype Machine. We've had a lot of people participate in the topic, and it's exciting to see what people view as overhyped or underhyped games in the community. Several staff members have participated as well, but we'll save them for a rainy day.

As it stands now, the Hype Machine is running in full force as PR companies try to sell us every game under the sun by the end of the year. With all four quarters still fair game, that's a lot of hype! This months blogs are all about that very thing - hype.

Beebadarko has a bone to pick with the hype machine:

I apologize in advance by offending anyone, but in my eyes there's no game hyped up more than Halo that has been such a disappointment. I played the original Halo when it came out, HATED the campaign. I hated the weapons, hated the enemies, hated the AI, and uh ... well that covers most of it. The story was admittedly pretty interesting at first, and the soundtrack was pretty beautiful. Beyond that I thought it was utter crap. I didn't feel like the combat was evolved that much at all from other shooters I was playing at the time. Yes the multiplayer was fun for a bit, but I'm not the kind of person that really wants to play a game just for multiplayer *eyes Black Ops*.

MrMcJerk likes the hype just right:

I'll admit, I was an [Red Dead Redemption] naysayer before I got it. "Nothing can live up to these reviews," I said to myself. Hell, the New York Times reviewer called it a tour de force - what the hell does the NYT know about video games? But amazingly updated visuals, compelling story, interesting characters, brilliant music, and a terrific secret final ending make me agree with nearly every hyperbolic statement I can think of. The fact that Rockstar has kept up with updates helps as well - I hated online until Friendly Free Roam, and Undead Nightmare is fan service at its finest. Yo soy John Marsten indeed.

Interested in writing on our blog topic? Hit up the Blogs Section and title your blog "CCV: The Hype Machine" so we see it. On Friday evening at some point (assuming we're not at PAX East or something like that) look for a link to your blog and a quote. We do check for spelling and content, so write like you mean it. Keep in mind you also receive Co-Optimus specific achievements, which are reflected in your profile page. Also, it's fun!