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Which Side of the Brink Will You Stand On?
Video by 6

Which Side of the Brink Will You Stand On?

In spite of our numerous open requests to release earlier, Brink is coming in Spring 2011. And in the meantime, Splash Damage teases us with footage the likes of which we've embedded here for your viewing ecstasy. It's pure torture - and we eat it up.

Today we catch more glimpses of the different factions of Brink as they fight for control of Ark. Once again highlighting the extensive character customization - which can be re-configured between missions and modes without losing your progress - and the combat, this video shows off a couple of new guns and locations. The creative team is seen describing the near-apocalyptic conditions of Ark, citing overpopulation and a depravity of water and supplies. The premise: what if the polar ice caps melted overnight? It's an interesting speculative plot that revolves around a real-life issue, à la Frontlines: Fuel of War and the new Medal of Honor.

Battling out the fate of Ark will be the revolutionaries and the city's security forces. Who will you choose to fight alongside?