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Pysko Audio Unveils Two New Headsets
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Pysko Audio Unveils Two New Headsets

Psyko Audio have announced two new headsets for the co-op gamer both based on the same technology found in their Psyko 5.1 Headset.  These cans are unique, because instead of using computer simulation to create surround sound out of two speakers in your ears, they actually contain 5 speakers in the band and utilize a physics based technology to create real surround sound.  

The two headsets are called the Carbon and the Krypton.  The Carbon is the higher end version of the headsets featuring braided cabling, gold plated connectors, and higher quality speakers. Both versions of the headsets feature a removable mic for co-op communication, an external amp for balancing sound, and rotatable ear cups to adjust how much ambient sound to let in.

The Carbon is priced at $199 and the Krypton is $149.  This is quite the drop in price from the 5.1's which came in at $299.