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CCV: Calling All Bloggers for April's Blog Topic
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CCV: Calling All Bloggers for April's Blog Topic

Is there an echo in here? Oh, that's the lack of Co-Optimus Community Voice April Blogs for the first week. The topic is craving to be explored with the possibilities of discovering a perfect length for games. The topic this month is CCV: tl;dr, giving you the opportunity to take an in-depth look at games we feel are "Too long; didn’t resolve," or "Too little; didn’t rejoice."

Participating in Co-Optimus Community Voice is simple. Head over to our community blogs and write a blog on the months topic. Title the blog "CCV: tl;dr" and make sure you check your spelling and you stay on topic through the entire blog. There is no restriction to the games you can include or how many blogs you write, so go take care of some writing. We want to know what games have been too long, or too short to be fully enjoyed by you!

Source: Co-optimus.com