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Yet Another Brink Video: The Battlefield
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Yet Another Brink Video: The Battlefield

Brink's "Get Smart" video series has been an absolute blast this week.  A new video has premiered daily, each one explaining different elements of the game.  It's as if we've been able to see a video tutorial to prep us for the upcoming game's release.  This week we've seen videos detailing the basic gameplay, the HUD, and the different classes characters can play.  The latest video highlights battlefield elements as well as some of the Operative class capabilities.  Anyone who has seen these videos should have no problem jumping into the action next Tuesday.  I volunteer myself to be an honorary 'Operative Hunter,' that way I have a great excuse for my scorching incidents of friendly fire.

Brink will hit store shelves next week on May 10th.  It's available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  It supports 8 player online co-op.