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CCV Blog Update May, Week 2
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CCV Blog Update May, Week 2

This months blog topic is challenging you to do what so few gaming websites do - find a balance between playing indoors, or outside while managing to maintain your gaming integrity. Co-optimus Community Voice: Gaming Inside And Out has seen an interesting GPS gaming challenge in the form of a treasure hunt, and now the wonderful world of portable gaming meets JRPG to bring one of our pale companions to the great outdoors.

 Deriaz wants to end the world, before the sun puts an end to him.

The World Ends With You is the kind of game I can sit down with and burn many hours on without a care in the world. I may be shunned for the fact that it isn't exercise and that seems to be what the outdoors is related to, but when your thumb is so green it's brown and you burn as fast as gasoline, you take what you can get. I may not be enjoying Mother Nature to the fullest, but through The World Ends With You, I am getting what I can.

Coincidentally, I think the game mocked me by giving me a "fire" spell as my first spell.

Yeah, thanks Square Enix. I got the hint.

I'll remember the sunscreen next time.

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Now I leave you to play outside, play inside, or find some happy balance between the two.