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Guardian Heroes HD

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Further Details on Guardian Heroes HD Remake
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Further Details on Guardian Heroes HD Remake

A couple of weeks ago we gave you guys the heads-up that SEGA is doing an HD remake of action-RPG Guardian Heroes for Xbox Live Arcade, a game that was originally exclusive to the Sega Saturn. Now we have some additional details about what will set the remake apart, besides the vague term "enhanced graphics" (and yes, you can play with the original graphics enabled if you wish via "Saturn Mode"). SEGA has even provided some side-by-side comparison shots.


What Features Will Be in HD?

  • Characters – upgraded to HD quality
  • Visual Effects – newly created in HD
  • Fonts – newly created in HD
  • Gauges – newly created in HD
  • Close-ups of Characters (in the character select screen) – newly created in HD

What Will Be the Same as the Original?

  • Backgrounds
  • Music
  • Story mode

What Will be Different from the Original?

  • Voices – some are from the Saturn version, some are newly created
  • Arcade mode – paths are the same as the Saturn version, but AI’s are new
  • Versus mode – improved from Saturn version with additional rules and a more polished game balance)
  • Extra modes – newly created for XBLA version
  • Saturn Mode: All visuals are the same as the Saturn version except for the font and screen aspect ratio

With HD:

Saturn Mode:

Guardian Heroes HD is slotted to release in the Fall on XBLA.