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Torchlight II

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Torchlight 2's Level Design On the Right Path
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Torchlight 2's Level Design On the Right Path

We're still waiting on some concrete co-op numbers for Torchlight 2 - something we hope to obtain at E3 in a few weeks - but until that time we're forced to sit back and watch the information roll out of the official website.  The latest combo of features focuses on the game's levels, their design, and some of their features.

While the original Torchlight has an overworld with randomized dungeons, Torchlight 2 will feature a large overworld connected with "path" areas and still contain randomized dungeons as well.  Each area in the overworld will also be randomized giving near infinite replayability.  What does all that mean?  Prepare for a lot of stuff to explore.  After lead level designer Patrick Bank takes you through the design process on all of these areas, he and art director Jason Beck answer some questions from the community.

Will the over world have dynamic weather and/or day/night cycles? - asked by Lefty

Patrick: Yes, all outdoor areas have full day/night cycles, and random weather. Players will notice this right away when starting Torchlight 2. It really adds a lot to make the world feel dynamic and alive. Everything from hard rain, with lighting and thunder to light drizzle, snow, sand storms and so on will be present in the different environments.

Things seem to be shaping up nicely for Torchlight 2 - which should hit PCs sometime later this summer.