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Brink Stats are Live for Xbox 360 and PS3
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Brink Stats are Live for Xbox 360 and PS3



Good news, for those of you who competitively play Brink.  You can now follow your stats online.  Just enter that little code you see on the in-game menu called "Online Stats" at the Brink website.  There are plenty of numbers to crunch.  You can see your average XP per match, which abilities you use, and even your kill counts.  The bad news?  The site only tracks stats from the public (versus) Free Play mode.  So if you've only been playing the Campaign and Challenges, you're not going to have any stats.  I tried a private Free Play mode  and my stats weren't affected.  So it appears that co-op matches won't be tracked.  I was surprised that I amassed over two hours of competitive play.  That's usually not my thing.  

I've been playing Brink with a few Co-Optimus community members on Friday evenings, and the game is a blast when played with good people.  It's a shame that none of those stats are being tracked.  Don't fret, co-op partners.  We still have some free DLC coming our way this summer.  The content will have new maps and abilities, along with a level cap increase for those of you who have already hit the rather low ceiling of Level 20.  I hope I'm still playing by then... Brink is available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  Stats are up for the consoles, PC stats are on the way.   The game supports 8 player online co-op.