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Excellent Blog Post about Classic Co-Op Titles
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Excellent Blog Post about Classic Co-Op Titles

As the resident classic co-op maniac, I found this blog post over at YetiKitn to be very entertaining.  The author details some classic co-op gaming moments, spurred on by the recent release of Castle Crashers.  Many of the games in this story have appeared on our own column dedicated to the golden oldies, Co-Op Classics.  I have to admit, there were several games on the list I was unaware of.  (Cowboys of Moo Mesa?  I'm gonna check that out for sure!)  However, the author loses a bit of geek cred when referring to the Avengers as the Justice League.  Bonus points, though, for mentioning Moonwalker, a game from the days when Michael Jackson wasn't just a punch line.  What say you, Co-Optimus readers?  What are your memories of these games?



Source: Yetikitn.com