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Catherine Had Atlus' Best Launch Week Ever
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Catherine Had Atlus' Best Launch Week Ever

Catherine is easily one of the strangest games we've ever covered here at Co-Optimus.  It has a story based not on saving the world from aliens or defeating enemy soldiers, but on the intricacies of romance.  The gameplay is an odd blend of platforming and puzzling, and takes place in the protagonist's nightmares.  Top it all off with the Mature rating, anime style, and a crazy deluxe edition including bozer shorts, a pillowcase, and a pizza box.  There has quite literally never been anything like it.

Atlus took a big risk with this game, and heavily promoted it in the hopes that the game would be a success.  It appears their gamble has paid off.  According to Atlus' Tim Pivnicny, Catherine has sold more copies in the first week of release than any other Atlus game.  Maybe it's the quirkiness of it, or maybe it's the co-op, but it looks like Catherine is going to be a big success.  Expect our review soon!


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