Dead Block

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
DLC Hits Dead Block - Hammer Time
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DLC Hits Dead Block - Hammer Time

4 new maps are available for the xbla version of Dead Block, the 4 player co-op title

Do you know what is better than creating elaborate traps to exterminate zombies?  Even more elaborate traps!  The xbla version of co-op zombie game Dead Block has received DLC containing four all new maps for 240 Microsoft points.  More information and screens ahoy!

The new maps will contain the same style of 4 player gameplay as the original levels, but this time you can set traps in; a Turkish Baths, a Motel, an Office Building and a Slaughterhouse. What these locations have to do specifically with 1950s America is anyone's guess.  The DLC also provides; new challenges, new introduction cut scenes and updated leader boards. 

To aid in visualizing the new DLC, here is a gallery of images.