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Soulja Boy Doesn't like Co-Op
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Soulja Boy Doesn't like Co-Op

Sometimes in this wide world of web information, there's a video game related piece of news or video that simply too good to pass up and not share with you fine folks here at Co-Optimus.  Even though this video has nothing to do with cooperative gaming, perhaps in some twisted sense, it shows just why we all love to play co-op more than competitive.

If you didn't know, Soulja Boy is a rapper with quite the addiction to video games.  Whether it's his genius video game reviews or his throw down the gauntlet challenges against rival rappers in Madden.  But the following video ladies and gentlemen is something more.  You see, Soulja Boy is tired of trying to conquer lyrical enemies, and has instead turned his white sunglass gaze in YOUR direction.  Yes you!

You see, Soulja Boy is going to kick your ass.  Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, even Sega Super Stars Tennis.  You don't stand a chance.  Think you have what it takes to beat this superman?  Read on brave souls as Soulja reveals not only his gamertag, but an inside look of the biggest video game phenom since Jimmy Woods.

Warning: Video has swearing, may be NSFW

Source: Xbox360fanboy.com