Eurogamer Expo 2011 - Beyond Co-op - Page 2

I held X so many times, yet I still died

Joe Danger

Alongside the big boys, Eurogamer 2011 also had several downloadable games on show; one being the impressive looking Joe Danger: The Movie.  Joe is a movie stunt rider who is hired to perform a certain number of stunts on different movie sets from the Wild West to Gansterville.  The gameplay is similar to Trials HD; you must use life like feeling physics to balance your bike as you jump and slide around the sets.  However, there are also elements of the underappreciated Stuntman series as you must complete certain tasks before you can carry on in the level.  This means that not only do you have to get through a level; you have to look good doing it.
Hopefully, you should have no trouble looking good as Joe Danger’s colourful cartoony graphics look great making this on downloadable game I will keep an eye on.

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