Eurogamer Expo 2011 - Beyond Co-op - Page 4

Finally found a game older than me in the retro section.  What?  I’m older than Tapper, how depressing.


I’ve been playing games for a long time, some people may even call me old, but that would be rude.  New to Eurogamer Expo 2011 was the Retro Gamer section that seemingly contained at least one of every console of the past 30-40 years.  Tapper, Street Fighter, Micro Machine, Mario Kart, Bomberman, Goldeneye and many others were all on show – great retro games.

Although not many of the retro game on show this year were not co-op, it did remind me of some of the great times I have had over the years playing co-op, from couch play with my family as a child, to more recent online games.

My all time favourite co-op game? 

Golden Axe.  Probably because I have played it so many time, on so many formats, with so many different people.

Community Question

What’s your all time favourite co-op game?

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