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Some Dark Souls Limited Edition Preorders Won't be Filled
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Some Dark Souls Limited Edition Preorders Won't be Filled

As we previously reported, Namco Bandai decided to switch the mini-guide in Dark Souls’ Limited Edition package from physical to digital a few months prior to release. While that change was disappointing for some, many gamers like me continued to look forward to the Limited Edition regardless. It seems that lots of those people will be disappointed today, as reports indicate that one or more retailers who offered the Dark Souls Limited Edition for preorder only received the standard edition to offer to customers.

The official list of retailers to offer preorders of the Limited Edition included: Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy, and Walmart. Online retailer NewEgg wasn’t included on the list, but they expected to receive the LE too. Yet something went awry. NewEgg definitely won't have the LE, shouldn't really surprise anyone. BestBuy is looking doubtful; we've heard that stores will receive few if any LEs.

Naturally the last-minute news won’t sit well with people who preordered through those businesses. On the up side, NewEgg is offering $20 credits to people who ordered the game before today. BestBuy will do the same for people whose stores can't meet their preorder demand. Twenty bucks is almost enough to purchase the Dark Souls Official Guide from FuturePress, which sounds a lot nicer to me than the actual contents of the LE: a metal tin that holds the standard game case and a 32-page art book.

Dark Souls is now available. It’s a beautiful, unforgiving action-RPG with unique co-op elements. Stay tuned for our full co-op review.

Source: Cheapassgamer.com