Dance Central 2

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Dance Central 2 Song Import Details Dropped, Hot
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Dance Central 2 Song Import Details Dropped, Hot

You're pretty much a dancing master at this point.  You've told 'em, plenty of times, alongside Soulja Boy.  You've pushed it... maybe even pushed it real good.  Funky Town has been a frequent destination for you.  Now that Dance Central 2 is on the horizon, you can't wait to play in two player co-op mode with a partner.  Just think of the fun you'll have with all the new routines and songs.  But you'll miss Nelly and Lady Gaga so much!  If only there were some way to get your favorite songs from the original in the shiny new sequel...

Don't worry, die-hard dance fans, Harmonix has you covered.  For a mere 400 MS points ($5), you can import the Beastie Boys, Kool & the Gang, and the rest of the, er, gang right into Dance Central 2.  That's a small price to pay to bust a move in co-op mode with a friend. In addition to importing all 32 songs from the original, the import also unlocks returning character Mo's classic Dance Central look.

Dance Central 2 is headed to a Kinect enabled Xbox 360 near you on October 21.